Your confession in that confusion is your conclusion to that condition 


Isaiah’s life journey insight

I saw “men in black” with the impression of taking me with them and I asked Jesus christ is their a need for Speed? He said you must be fast and furious for the devil is at work. I told him I don’t have a transporter for this journey, Jesus said he will be transporter. I said what of the predators on the way, he said have you forgotten that I’m a terminator , all your persecutors will be terminated if they don’t stop persecuting you.

Jesus is always always ready for us, let’s give him all our worries

The greatest government 

Do we obey God’s law? 

But we know how to abide by the rule of law, we know how we obey the government right? it’s not too late.obeying the law is meant to be a source of blessing ,prosperity and health for God’s people deut(28:2-7)